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  • Dear Colleagues!

    Hydrogeology is experiencing difficult times. For several reasons, it was without any authority that would protect the interests of hydrogeologists in the power of scientific and social structures. As a result, hydrogeologists poorly represented in the Academy of Sciences, do not have a society magazine, an academic institution, spent the entire history of a congress in 1931, practically no representatives in government. Training is coordinated by nobody. This is just tip of the iceberg: all the shortcomings can not be enumerated. The main thing - we are divided!

    In this situation, at the initiative of several leading hydrogeologists, it was decided to create the Russian Union of Hydrogeologists (Rosgidrogeo) - a public organization.It was established in 2011, is registered in the Ministry of Justice (registration certificate of the state sample, number series 77 013 930 688, 19.04.2011), the Board formed it. But the Union must be a mass organization to reflect the interests of all hydrogeologists, and not a part of them. Therefore, the primary task of the Union to attract members Rosgidrogeo as much as possible of Hydrogeologists of different ages, levels of qualification. Only in this case the EU would be able to solve assigned to it by the challenges, chief among them - to bring hydrogeology of the deadlock.

    Only mass organization can deliver and organize the execution of large tasks to ensure the population with water, water conservation, which brings new meaning to the word "Water", to restore the authority of hydrogeology, to help members of the Union in addressing urgent local problems.

    We invite you and your colleagues, staff, students and young scientists to join the Rosgidrogeo. Without you, hydrogeology will continue to be in a secondary position, which is certainly not consistent with its status, and our interests.

    To join Rosgidrogeo must fill out a form (attached below), pay the entrance (300 rubles) and membership (300 rubles) contributions. For undergraduate and graduate students only entrance fee (receipt attached below).

    To obtain membership cards we will need your photo - color or b / w, 3x4 (paper or electronic form). Completed application forms and photographs should be sent to any of the following addresses: 115191, Moscow, 2nd-Roshinsky street, 10, box 12 for Rosgidrogeo or 119296, Moscow, box 106 Bogomolov Y.G., as well as personal e-mail address of the Chairman Rosgidrogeo Y.G. Bogomolov:

    Union members will engage in active paid employment.

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