• About the history and purpose of the Russian public organization

    The idea of creation of uniform hydro-geological structure in the USSR, and then and in Russia, "soars" for a long time among the hydro-geological public. On a number of objective and subjective circumstances this branch can't already overcome a default of 60th years of the last century here almost 50 years. Spontaneous actions of the state favourites and officials from a science have started at that time the mechanism of destruction of a hydro-geological science and practice, as leads now to human victims and large financial losses in sphere of safety of water resources.

    In 1961 the Laboratory of hydro-geological problems ŔÍ the USSR F.P.Savarensky's name has been abolished. During the same period the leader of domestic hydrogeology, the first-ever center of such profile, All-Union scientific research institute of hydrogeology and engineering geology (VSEGINGEO) with all that it implies by destructive consequences for hydro-geological branch is deduced to Moscow Region. Thus, in spite of the fact that the first All-Union hydro-geological congress with participation of outstanding geologists of the XX-th century (President ŔÍ the USSR academician A.P.Karpinsky, academician V.I.Vernadsky, academician V.A.Obruchev and others) has created in 1931 a powerful impulse for activization of a hydro-geological science and practice, to the beginning of 60th years this development has undergone essential structural changes, has gone on recession and drifted basically by inertia, using fundamental scientific reserves of the last decades in the field of hydrogeology.

  • The contribution of eminent hydrogeologists doctors of science in the development of scientific and applied hydrogeology in the XXth and beginning of the XXI century.Eleven of them were awarded the highest academic positions corresponding members and academicians of the Academy of Sciences.

    Akhmedsafin Ufa Mandybaevich (1912-1984), Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR, the founder and first director of the Institute of Hydrogeology and Hydrophysics AN Kaz. SSR, the first and only hydrogeologist in the USSR and the former Soviet Union Hero of Socialist Labor.

    Babinec Evstihievich Andrew (1911-1982), a member of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, director of the Institute of Geological Sciences of the UkrainianSSR.

    Gerasim Bogomolov V. (1905-1981), Academician of the Academy of Sciences ofthe Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic, the founder and first director of the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology (VSEGINGEO), the first and only hydrogeologist in the USSR and the former Soviet Union honorary president of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences(IAHS .)

    Kamensky, Grigory (1892-1959), Corresponding Member of USSR Academy of Sciences, director of the Laboratory of hydrogeological problems of the USSR Academy FP Savarenskii.

    Kenesarin Alimhanovich Nathan (1908-1975), Corresponding Member of the Uzbek.SSR, director of the Institute of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology (GIDROINGEO).

    Mavlyanov Ghani Arifhanovich (1910-1988), Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic, the first director of the Institute of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology (GIDROINGEO) and the Uzbek Academy of Sciences of Seismology. SSR.

    Makov Konstantin (1911-1948), a member of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, deputy director of the Institute of Geological Sciences of theUkrainian SSR.

    Valery Alexandrovich Mironenko (1935-2000), a member of the Academy ofSciences of the USSR, the founder and first director of the Leningrad branch of the Institute of Geoecology, Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

    Pinneker Virgilevich Evgeniy (1926-2001), Corresponding Member of USSR Academy of Sciences, Deputy Director, Institute of Earth Crust, Siberian Branch ofUSSR Academy of Sciences.

    Savarensky Fedor Petrovich (1881-1946), Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, the founder and first director of the Laboratory of HydrogeologicalProblems of the USSR, the first and only hydrogeologist in the USSR and the former Soviet Union, whose name is called The Prize of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in the field of hydrogeology and engineering geology.

    Slavyanov Nikolai Nikolaevich (1878-1958), Corresponding Member of USSR Academy of Sciences, director of the Laboratory of hydrogeological problems of the USSR Academy FP Savarenskii, the first and only hydrogeologist in the USSR andthe former Soviet Union correspondent member of USSR Academy of Sciences,whose names were given mineral water "Slavyanovskaya."

    However, the famous schools of hydrogeologists in the former Soviet republics and prominent scientists, hydrogeologists, who headed the schools (U.M. Akhmedsafin - Kazakhstan, A.E. Babinec - Ukraine, G.V. Bogomolov - Belarus, G.A. Mavlyanov - Uzbekistan and others) are not able to fully influence the creation of a single center ofhydrogeology at the Academy and to elect the second half of XX-th century, their leader, hydrogeologist active member of the USSR.
  • The geopolitical changes connected with disintegration of the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics (the USSR - 1922-1991ă.ă.), formation the Commonwealths of Independent States (CIS) and transition of the industry and agriculture have cardinally changed a condition of technical and ecological safety to market relations in these countries. Substantially it concerns geology (hydrogeology) and as a whole a water management of the CIS. On well-aimed expression of academician B.S.Sokolov geology’s "Golden Age" has ended.

    In these new historical conditions offers on unknown persons earlier in the USSR forms of the organization of a water management of the state began to appear, in particular, joint-stock companies (the Russian Open Society «Water of Russia» - 2006), the self-adjustable organizations (SRO’s - 2008), water associations, the national water unions, the unions of water users etc. the Offer on Russian Open Society creation «Waters of Russia» has been stated (already again) on the International symposium «the hydrogeology Future: modern lines and prospects», passed in St.-Petersburg in 2007. On the same symposium the question on necessity of carrying out of the Second hydro-geological congress within the limits of the CIS for the first time has been brought up. In 2008 the structure of self-organizing of hydrogeologists (SRO) has been offered in a kind of "the Union of hydrogeologists of Russia» at the All-Russia conference devoted to memory of L.S. Jazvin, «Mathematical modeling in hydrogeology» where the question on convocation of the Second hydro-geological congress also was brought up, but within the limits of Russia (offers A.P. Nikolaev has brought).

    Considering told, initiative group (Y.G Bogomolov, Y.A.Gaev, M.S.Golitsyn, A.A.Kartsev, A.P.Nikolaev) has organized (2/12/2009) on chair of hydrogeology of the Moscow state university of a name of M.V.Lomonosova session (16 experts with participation of doctors of sciences, professors – S.B.Vagin, V.A.Vsevolozhsky, S.D.Isaev, D.A.Manukjan, K.E. Pit’eva, S.P.Pozdnyakov) for the purpose of preparation of constituent documents for the state registration of noncommercial partnership «the Union of hydrogeologists of Russia». Has opened S.P.Pozdnyakov's session, having asked to speak J.G.Bogomolovu. By a majority of votes at session (Y.G. Bogomolov, A.A.Kartsev, A.P.Nikolaev remained in minority) the decision on carrying over of this question on the International conference devoted to the 100 anniversary from the date of a birth of B.I.Kudelin was accepted. A keynote speech of Century And. Vsevolozhsky on this question in May, 2007 has caused a fierce dispute, however participants of conference (from more, than 30 subjects of the Russian Federation) by a majority of votes have confirmed necessity of creation of the Union of hydrogeologists of Russia. We will notice that a main role in polemic in support of creation of the Union of hydrogeologists of Russia have played S.L.Schwarz and L.G.Sokolovsky.

    To the Constituent Congress created the hydrogeological structure of the working staff needed to be elected (09/16/2010) at a session at the Institute of Oil and Gas of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). L.A. Abukova opened the session , having ask to speak, R.G. Jamalov. In the presence of the largest Russian hydrogeologists have been elected as acting to the First Congress - Chairman of Russian public organization "Russian Union of Hydrogeologists" (Rosgidrogeo) Prof. V.A. Vsevolozhsky, First Deputy Chairman Y.G. Bogomolov, Vice-Chairman V.P. Vasilieva, Executive Director R.M. Sudo, Executive Secretary A.P. Nikolaev. The preliminary structure of Board Rosgidrogeo has been selected also.

  • On behalf of the initiative group of constituent congress was opened by Y.G. Bogomolov at the State Geological Museum of RAS (17.12.2010), giving the word to the Chairman of Department Rosgidrogeo in the Moscow, R.G. Jamalov (this period there were 54 Rosgidrogeo offices in 54Russian regions). At the constituent congress was decided to create all-Russian public organization "Russian Union of Hydrogeologists" (Rosgidrogeo), pre-election staff and the Board Rosgidrogeo and transfer of constituent documents in the Ministry of Justice for state registration Rosgidrogeo (state registration certificate Rosgidrogeo was received in April 2011).

    At the first meeting of the Board Rosgidrogeo in the Russian State University of Oil and Gas, I.M. Gubkin (05.17.2011), which was opened by the oldest domestic hydrogeologist in the post-soviet territory Professor A.A. Kartsev, was refined by the Board Rosgidrogeo, re-elected Executive Director (A.P. Nikolaev) and the Executive Secretary (Y.Y. Belova). Later (9/9/11) was introduced (to the First Congress Rosgidrogeo) additional post of Third Deputy Chairman of the third Rosgidrogeo (S.M. Golubev), Deputy Executive Director Rosgidrogeo (N.A. Tsvetkov) and Presidium of Rosgidrogeo in the number of sixteen (16) persons is created.

    Note that the information on the hydro-geological structures which had in its title the word "Russia" or derivatives of it - "The Union of Hydro-geologists Russia", "Russian Union of Hydro-geologists", "Hydro-geological Russian Union", "Hydro-geologists of Russia," etc., was published in the press repeatedly, including during the Soviet period. In the early XXI century have been held major meetings, published a serious publication (see above), in which the question was raised about the necessity of creating a uniform hydro-center in Russia. However, the case before the state registration of such structures has not reached. I must say that the additional difficulty here is the legislation which use the word"Russia" or its derivatives could only kind of organization that would have branches in at least 50% of the subjects of the Russian Federation. Created in April, 2011 Rosgidrogeo answers not only to these requirements, but also the purposes which are put in its charter.

  • The purposes of Rosgidrogeo are assistance: to development of fundamental and applied hydrogeology; to introduction of various kinds of hydro-geological researches in wide economic both an industrial practice; to preparation and improvement of professional skill of hydro-geological scientific and industrial shots; to legislative and executive power bodies in the decision of the questions connected with hydro-geological problems.
    Đîńăčäđîăĺî assumes to develop and make in offer public authorities on perfection of the legislation regarding maintenance of completeness of hydro-geological researches and researches. It concerns first of all improvement of the law of the Russian Federation about bowels, the Water code of the Russian Federation, Classification of stocks of drinking, technical and mineral underground waters.

    The major purpose of modern hydrogeology - the development of fundamental scientific research and introduction of research results into applied field. In the the last decade in Russia has practically stopped funding of fundamental hydrogeological research, due to the bias in favor of commercial projects. To solve the problems of fundamental hydrogeology Rosgidrogeo proposes to establish its own fund of fundamental hydrogeological research, accumulating funds and guiding them directly to scientists, who choose to work of a theme, defined by Fund.

    In this regard, the task of Hydrogeologists (not only) is a fundamental change of the Federal law ą 94, by which, in its modern version, the tenders for water projects are allowed citizens professionally very far from the "geological form of thinking." In addition, the law of the Russian Federation is a bad translation from the Germanstate act similar to Germany.

    Rosgidrogeo considers necessary world-wide to develop the applied hydrogeology working out of standards and regulations of various kinds of hydro-geological works and hydro-geological monitoring should be which priorities. Creation of own open base of the hydro-geological data filled with the information from the organizations, cooperating with Rosgidrogeo is planned. It is offered to carry out the analysis of accumulated materials with the subsequent publication of the most interesting results in own publication.

    Rosgidrogeo intend to support in every possible way working out of hydro-geological software products, and also to promote introduction of the best foreign workings out in those directions where there are no Russian analogs. In the field of the international cooperation of Rosgidrogeo intend to establish relations with the foreign noncommercial organizations for integration of the Russian hydrogeologists into the world scientific community, to take part in the international projects on hydro-geological researches, to promote training of the Russian experts in the foreign organizations.

    Rosgidrogeo considers it essential to take part in solving the fundamental issues potable water, requiring both scientific methods and the legislative approach. In this context assumes multi lateral cooperation and coordination with various public, social, political and other organizations. The first priority Rosgidrogeo said works on a national program "Pure Water" and suggests as a first step on this issue, make recommendations relating to the pollution of underground water intakes of the Central region.

    Considering that since the First All-Union Congress of the hydrogeological passed 80 years Rosgidrogeo considers necessary in the near future to convene the Congress of Hydrogeologists former Soviet republics. At the congress should discuss the following questions:

    1. The results of the development of hydrogeology in the USSR for 80 years: achievements and losses, the present state;
    2. the fundamental problems of hydrogeology;
    3. Petroleum hydrogeology;
    4. engineering hydrogeology;
    5. meliorative hydrogeology;
    6. ecological Hydrogeology;
    7. software for hydrology, hydro-geo-information systems;
    8. hydrological instruments and equipment.
      For popularization of a speciality of hydrogeologist Rosgidrogeo assumes to conduct educational, pedagogical, advisory and educational activity.

  • In the conclusion we will notice that definition of property of a water resource as goods in market conditions is the major problem not only in Russia. Events of the beginning of the XXI-st century when struggle for water resources (superficial and underground) led serious social and to political conflicts are known. Legal bases concerning search, working out and natural resources development (minerals) as the goods, put by Peter I in the XVIII-th century beginning, till now and haven't received the realization concerning water resources: 1) the relationship with the provincial government, and 2) principle of equal access to the study and utilization of mineral resources, and 3) the procedure for obtaining the right to use subsoil.

    The gradual transition to underground water, especially in the European part of Russia, where much of the population and thus there is the greatest water scarcity is the main idea of the national program "Development of water infrastructure in 2012-2020 years." The use of underground water reserves in the 7656 fields and sections of the Russian Federation is currently only 30%. This problem may be one of the most important for discussion at the Congress of Hydrogeologists of the CIS.

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