10.06.15 About Rosgidrogeo

Since 2010 the All-Russian public organization “Russian Union of Hydrogeologists” (Rosgidrogeo, certificate of state registration series 77 ¹ 013 930 688) operates in more than 55 regions of the Russian Federation Photos
  • The list of issues which Rosgidrogeo cover includes:
    • Water supply;
    • Drainage, irrigation and salinity control;
    • Modern methods of waste water treatment (purity control) and drinking water preparation and treatment;
    • estimation of underground water reserves;
    • calculation of environmental damage caused by water-related activities and natural disasters;
    • hydrogeological and environmental mapping based on the photoshooting materials of outer space survey;
    • geological-engineering and design;
    • the impact of ecological and geological conditions on human health;
    • economics of water use;
    • legal issues in the state/governmental water sector control.

    Russian organizations that are members of Rosgidrogeo organization have accumulated years of practical work experience and projects execution in 60 foreign countries. Russian Union of hydrogeologists includes all leading Russian experts in the field of water supply security and the environment, for example, Academics of the Russian Academy of Sciences M.Ch. Zalikhanov, V.I. Osipov, member correspondent of the Russian Academy of Sciences V.G. Rumynin, A.R. Kurchikov, vice-president of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH), professor I.S. Zektser and many other well-known world-class specialists. Established connections allow us upon request promptly involve, if necessary, major governmental agencies and companies for water supply solutions in the specific regions.

    During the period of service the Rosgidrogeo organization participated in solving such important national problems such as the catastrophic situation in Krymsk (2012), floods in the Far Eastern Federal District of the Russian Federation (2013), the water supply shortage of the Derbent city, in settlements in the pool of Samur river and environment protection in the area of Samur nature complex (Dagestan, 2013). In 2013 Rosgidrogeo was one of the organizers of the Council of Federation round tables, at the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, committed to the theme “The legal aspects of the groundwater use.” Together with the non-profit organization “Russian Water Society/Rossiyskoe Vodnoe Obshestvo” Rosgidrogeo is the initiator of a “single water structure” system in the Russian Federation, therefore the work is being continuously conducted in the State Duma and Council of Federation.

    In 2014 the meeting “On the implementation of the Water Strategy of the Russian Federation” took place, it was organized by the Committee of Natural Resources, Environment and Ecology of the State Duma. During the meeting the question of the Russian resort zones protection was brought in into agenda.

    In 2015 Rosgidrogeo participated in the meeting of the Subcommittee on Water Resources of the State Duma of the Russian Federation in the Federal District “Republic of Crimea.” There is drawing and implementation of the program, “road map” devoted to integrated water resources management of the Crimea peninsula.

    Based on experience and professionalism of the Rosgidrogeo staff, Rosgidrogeo organization can perform as operator to forming a complex scheme of water and land resources exploitation in the major Russian regions. Photos

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